August 2015

  • TKC Mobile Test a

As I have continued to think about how to handle the podcast during our trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador in October, I had the idea to see if I might be able to upload episodes from my iPhone 6 Plus during the trip. I won’t have my MacBook Air with me, so this would be a streamlined, stripped-down version of the show. But it might be of interest to you, if I can find topics related to the Kindle and eBooks, mixed in with sounds and observations of a more general nature from the trip. 

To record this test audio, I used a very simple iOS app named Opinion, which enabled me to share the file to my Dropbox account. From there, I opened my Libsyn dashboard in Safari on the iPhone, and it seems to be working. 

Please let me know if this arrives in your podcatcher and how it sounds!

Thanks, Len

P.S. For the image test, I’m enclosing a photo of Claire taken here at Ocean Park last week. 


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