June 2008

  • 61 Breakfast of Videos

Social Media Breakfast 8, hosted by Bryan Person and Bob Collins June 24, 2008 at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, Mass., was all about video.  An audience of nearly 100 heard excellent presentations from Larry Lawfer of YourStorys.com and Jeff Glasson of PerkettPR.com and two other presentations excerpted in this episode of the Audio Pod Chronicles.  Those two were by recent Emerson College students Ben Grossman and Emily Belyea, who created a winning video-based proposal to resuscitate AOL’s AIM social media programs, and Rob Lane, founder and CEO of Overlay.tv , who is making videos interactive. 

It was impossible to listen to all four presentations and not sense the energy in Internet video, and the creativity.  I came right home and started playing with Overlay.tv and can’t wait to do more.

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  • 61 mp3 Breakfast of Videos

mp3 version of Episode 61, Breakfast of Videos.

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