August 2008

  • 65 DNC Preview – mp3

Interview on August 19, 2008 with Chris Lopez – .mp3 version.

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  • 65 DNC Preview

Chris Lopez, communications director for the 2008 Denver Host Committee,
took time out of a VERY busy day today to preview what’s ahead in
Denver once the Democratic National Convention gets under way this
weekend.  He seemed remarkably serene, and he was optimistic that the
convention’s protests will be peaceful and full of the good energy of
democracy.  Me too!

UPDATE: I forgot to include the following links mentioned by Chris in the podcast:

The Presidential Experience

Click here for information on Convention events at the Denver Convention Center in the mornings.



2008 Rocky Mountain Roundtables

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  • 64 Jeff Cutler Unplugged

Writer and podcaster Jeff Cutler was one of the only Boston Media Makers without a device feeding him information from the Internet at our meeting on Sunday, August 3, 2008, at Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain.  It turns out his laptop was in the shop.   This prompted him to lead a lively discussion among the 22 of us at the meeting about how much we depend on being connected at all times to the Internet.  

Jeff is a thoughtful guy who is on what he calls a one-year “Writing Sabbatical” during which he is aiming at a new phase of his career that will involve more commentary and opinion writing.  

He uses his podcast, “Bowl of Cheese” in an effective and unusual way as a supplement to his blog of the same name.  All in all, Jeff Cutler is doing creative, original work in the new media space, and it’s always good to connect with him, even when he’s unplugged!  I think you’ll enjoy this profile of a writer from Hingham, Mass.,  who is using new media to full advantage.  

Music for my podcast is “Going to the Sun” composed and performed by Montana musicians Christine Dickinson, Janet Haarvig and Matthew Lyon.  It’s from their excellent Glacier Journey CD .

Photo of Jeff and me is by Steve Garfield of .

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  • 64 Jeff Cutler Unplugged – mp3 version

This is the mp3 version of this week’s Audio Pod Chronicles interview with Jeff Cutler.

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