• 7 Book Review – ‘Pass it On’ by AA World Services

‘Pass It On’ is the authorized AA biography of co-founder Bill Wilson.  It’s a well-told story of the early days of AA, making it clear that this program for recovery from alcoholism did not drop from the sky. It developed in quirky ways, influenced hugely by the personalities of the co-founders. 

This podcast opens and closes with a bit of seasonal music, "We Gather Together" as sung by my family yesterday at our Thanksgiving gathering here in Cambridge, Mass., at my parents’ home.

I am going to try posting new episodes to these Audio Pod Chronicles each Monday and Friday.  On Wednesday I will upload an episode of my video podcast, Mile High Pod Chronicles.  My most recent videoblog episode is "Joy of Great-Grandparenting," starring my grandson James and my parents, who happen to have the same names as AA’s first couple, Bill and Lois.