• 12 Uncle Bert’s Secret for Success

My uncle Bert Tighe in 1963 began a new water works supply business, Ti-SALES, in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  He and Aunt Edna this morning talked about the single quality which seems to have led to that company’s current success: the refusal to quit.  We also heard from Peter, my cousin who worked for the family company for 18 years, and Kevin, who is now president. 

I remember when Uncle Bert’s office was in the basement of their house, and we kids had to be quiet around the stairway, because he was working hard down there to get his new venture going.  Now the company employs 29 people and has annual sales of more than $20 million.  It’s a great story of the value of persistence and the wisdom of figuring out new ways to do things when the old ways won’t work.

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